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What’s a little motorcycle trip among friends?

On Americans’ wanderlust: NBC’s John Brecher recently photographed and interviewed people who were buying into a hopeless dream. They were purchasing Powerball tickets in Queens, NY. Each of them understood the futility of their action. One man even admitted to … Continue reading

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Getting out of the cheap seats

I took an all-day ride last Sunday. It was great to get away from the suburbs and open my bike up on the country roads between Seattle and Bellingham, Wash. The Pacific Northwest weather even cooperated, and I was able … Continue reading

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Kawasaki introduces ‘the fastest-accelerating mass-production bike on the planet’

I sat on the 2011 ZX-14R last summer when I was test riding my Concours. I have to admit that just sitting on it made my heart race. It looks like the new model is even better. Cycle World reports: Ah, the … Continue reading

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GyroCam provides accurate view of motorcycle riding

I’ve never enjoyed onboard video of motorcycle riding. The tilting, rocking horizon drives me crazy, because that isn’t the way it looks when you ride. Well, some smart person has solved this problem. DORNA has developed a new camera rig … Continue reading

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