Making pictures with an old lens, the benign ugliness of everyday things

Power lines

Camera: Nikon D70, Lens: Zeiss 85mm, ISO: 1600, Shutter Speed: 1/125th of a second, Aperture: F/22, Color balance: cloudy

The South Lake Union Neighborhood of Seattle is changing. The casual observer would be impressed by the crisp new architecture that houses Seattle’s tech and biotech boom.

However, there is a benign ugliness that haunts the area because things that were never intended to be together end up being right next to each other. For example, power lines hang from ancient telephone poles right outside my window because they were installed years before my building was put up. I looked right past these lines when I first toured my condo building a few months ago, but now I find it difficult to look at anything else as I sip coffee some mornings.

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