Photographing what you can’t see

I recently got the assignment to photograph a story titled Carcinogens on Tap. The story is about the things in our tap water that might be causing cancer, and those things are measured in parts per billion. That’s a difficult photo assignment if you aren’t shooting with an electron microscope.


Shot for a story about carcinogens in tap water.

So, I decided to shoot something that we see every day, but shoot it in a very clean and somewhat unexpected way. This cinemagraph is the result. I’m getting a lot better at predicting the short, repetitive motion required for a good cinemagraph. The first few I did were way too long (too many frames), and the file size was enormous. This one is 200k, and that feels about right for website display.

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1 Response to Photographing what you can’t see

  1. Gil Aegerter says:

    Nice one, Robert.

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