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Warp stabilizer is my friend

Today was one of those times when I’m reminded that what I don’t know about photography and video production is so much more than what I know. That is particularly true when I begin layering ideas and complexities on top … Continue reading

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Trying a different camera for time lapse images

Learning to to time lapse images with the GoPro Hero 2 has been interesting, but I’ve been a little disappointed with the lack of fine control and image quality, So, I’ve purchased an intervalometer and connected it to a Canon … Continue reading

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Discovering the limits of my gear (and myself)

I shot another time lapse yesterday afternoon and again this morning. I set up the GoPro to shoot the sky from my office window. I wanted to see how the camera’s light meter reacted to changing conditions as the light … Continue reading

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A little camera can help you do big things

I’m headed back to Africa in two months for Fred Hutch, and I need to do more than still photography on this trip. I want to produce and deliver video from the field. However, producing “good video” is harder than … Continue reading

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