Motorcycle shops and objects of desire


Lake City Power Sports in the north end of Seattle.

I took Connie in to a Seattle area Kawasaki dealer for her fender repair last weekend. It got busted when a guy backed into me at an intersection a couple weeks ago.

There is something particularly awful about watching a motorcycle mechanic (why do the all look sketchy to me?) roll my motorcycle away and into a dark garage. My mind always flashes to the time I stood helplessly and watched a medical team wheel my crying daughter away on an emergency room gurney into an operating room to fix her badly broken arm.


The 2015 Kawasaki Ninja 1000

I walked around the dealership while waiting for Connie to be fixed. The new crop of Kawasaki motorcycles is incredible. The technology gets better every year, and they are pleasurable just to look at. Sitting on the new 1,000 cc Kawasaki Ninja is nothing short of thrilling. It’s stunningly light and well balanced. It almost makes Connie feel like a big, heavy horse from a bygone era.

Eventually, I found my way to the helmet section of the store. I was talking to the salesman about some of the problems I’m having with my old Shoei Multitec helmet. Within 10 minutes he offered 10% off if I bought a new helmet that day. I smiled and said okay. Seconds later he had a tailor’s measuring tape wrapped around my head.

“You’ve got a big head,” the sales guy says in a relaxed, confidant voice, “Let me show you the “Large” helmets.”

150113-shoei-neotecI’ve written about the upgrades I’ve done to my helmet over the years. They include a pinlock, anti-fog visor and a communication/radio system. The old helmet and upgrades equal about $800. So, I wasn’t surprised when I found the sticker price of the new helmet.

It’s good to see the people at Shoei have been busy. My new helmet is nothing short of awesome. They’ve listened to riders’ critiques of the Multitec and incorporated that information into the Neotec. I’m really looking forward to riding this spring.

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