Moments of terror and powerlessness


Connie’s broken fender pieces are the result of being backed into while I was waiting behind a car at an intersection in Seattle on Dec. 15, 2014.

That moment you realize you’re going to get hit and there is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent it is the most awful feeling you’ll experience as a rider. My accident this morning is insignificant compared to other accidents I’ve seen and read about, but that doesn’t diminish the terror and powerlessness I felt as I first saw and then felt the impact, heard the crack and the felt the break of a piece of my motorcycle. I somehow kept her up, and that minimized the damage to just the front fender, I hope.

An hour later I’m sitting in my office. The adrenalin overdoes has finally started to subside. I’m replaying the event over and over, looking for something to take away other than simple survival. Today’s lesson in accident prevention is that from now on I’ll plant my left thumb on the horn button when I’m waiting behind someone at an intersection, and I’ll lay on it if I see those backup lights even hint at coming on. I need to be better at being aggressively defensive while riding. I need to assume people will make mistakes, and I need to be ready. Being innocent doesn’t mean you get to walk away.

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