Fountain Court fountain cinemagraphs

Fountain Court fountain

Here’s some more cinemagraph experimentation. The top image is 700 pixels wide, and it’s set to 128 colors. Its page weight is 1.4 MB The bottom image is 600 pixels wide, and it is set to 64 colors. Its page weight is 6.5 MB.

140324-fountain-trafThe big variable between the two gifs is the length of the looped animation. The top one is slightly more than a second. The bottom one is almost nine seconds. That’s a LOT more frames to load and display.

Take away = If you want size and glossy image quality, you have to use a very short video clip. If you want a long playing gif, you have to be willing to make the image small and limit the colors of the output file. Or you could animate only a very small portion of the  image. I think I’ll try that next.

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  1. !!!!!!muy buena vista¡¡¡¡¡¡

  2. Reblogged this on citricoagridulce and commented:
    muy buena vista y casa….

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