If I don’t have it now, I won’t have it until I get back

Image: The Space Needle

The Space Needle in Seattle, Wash. on Thursday, Oct. 17, 2013. Seattle does Autumn really well. I’ll miss it while I’m experiencing Spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

I spent today running all over the north end of Seattle taking care of last minute errands for my South Africa trip. I had to pick up two rental lenses from a camera store. I bought an extra body cap and some replacements for missing lens caps.

Image: South African currency

Former President Nelson Mandela is printed on South African currency.

Then I was off to the bank to cash a check, so I could then find a foreign money exchange to buy South African money. Their currency is beautiful.

Then I had to visit three stores before I found a power adaptor. I’ll now be able to run my laptop and charge my camera batteries in South Africa.

I was shooting pictures with the Canon 5D Mark III while I was running around. A few days ago I shot on auto-everything for my first camera tests. Today I made pictures on manual. I’m not comfortable using a camera until I can get publishable results on manual. Once again, the camera performed well. The way its meter works is nothing short of incredible, and the ergonomics of the camera body puts all the vital controls right at your finger tips. The hard part has been developing muscle memory for those controls. My fingers still default to Nikon. They say old habits die hard.

Image: Seattle, Wash.

Most of the trees in downtown Seattle are starting to change.

I got back to the office three hours later and found my new laptop waiting for me to open up and test, and that is what I’ve been doing for the last few hours while packing at the same time. I’m almost done. My two bags are heavy, but it’s always been like that on these trips. It’s just that I’m getting a little older now, and my lower back isn’t as strong as it once was. I felt a little twinge earlier today. I’ll have to watch that or I could get into trouble.

Image: Whiteboard

This whiteboard in my office was the only way I could keep track of what I needed, if it had been actually tested and whether or not it has been packed.

The very last thing I did tonight was shoot a test video with one of the cameras. I needed to work though the entire process of shooting, ingesting the video file into my new laptop, open and edit the video in Adobe Premier, output a finished file, and publish the video. There were a few bumps along the way, and it’s nowhere near what I’ll need for publishable, finished product, but it’s a start. Click below to see my workflow test video. It’s of our office supply room. You’re gonna love it.

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