Scenes from a surprise party


Jen Sizemore, right, toasts Sarah Teague’s upcoming wedding at Sarah’s surprise party on Tuesday, Oct. 8, 20013.

I’m departing from my usual topic today. You see I just started a new job. It feels good, but it’s also overwhelming. In fact, it feels like the thrilling 1996 launch days of We’re literally building a newsroom and figuring out workflow, content management and schedules. On top of that, my new employer is sending a writer and me to South Africa on a reporting trip in nine days. I’m mind-bustingly overwhelmed and a little frightened by what’s in front of me. At the same time, I recognize this is a good mental and emotional space to be in. This is about building. It’s about the future. It’s about stretching, and that feels wonderful.

The team culture of my new employer is stunningly positive. An example of this happened today when one of the people on the team organized a surprise party for a colleague who is getting married. The party was informal, personal and just kinda sweet. Here are some pictures.

If you absolutely need a motorcycle connection (maybe I do), I generally ride my motorcycle to work. 🙂


Sara reacts when the Communications team surprises her with a party at the end of the work day.


Kim Carney makes her point during the party. Kim has always been able to keep me honest. It feels good to work with her again.


Everyone wishes Sarah well as she departs for her wedding.

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1 Response to Scenes from a surprise party

  1. Good for you! I love to see positive stories about the workplace. Its incredibly inspirational!

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