Casper, Wyo. man fulfills lifelong dream and then dies three miles later

This might be the saddest thing I’ve read (concerning motorcycles) in a long time.

I identify with Barry because I’ve been that guy riding a new, unfamiliar motorcycle and getting into a situation I shouldn’t have. Let’s be careful out there.


Barry Strang, 59, of Casper, recently died in a motorcycle accident.

The Casper Star Tribune reports:

Nearly four decades ago, when they were newlyweds, Barry and Pam Strang had a date night ritual.

Every Friday, they would eat Mexican food for dinner, stop by Baskin-Robbins for dessert and top the night off with an ogle at the next-door Harley Davidson shop.

Pam wasn’t as taken with the idea of a motorcycle as her husband was. For the 38 years they were married, she vetoed the idea — they were too dangerous, she said.

But at 59, amidst his semi retirement, Barry decided it was time… Continue reading

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