The happiness of seeing old friends only slightly outweighs the pain of saying goodbye again


The Ride isn’t just about riding. In fact, most of it so far has been about reconnecting with family and old friends. With that in mind I spent most of yesterday with my brother. We drove all over the south end of the Salt Lake valley in his impossibly large Chevy pickup. We spoke as he drove, and we covered years worth of stuff. Love, loss, kids, wives, jobs — we covered all. It was great to speak with him as men instead of as distant brothers. Leaving him was painful, but it was time to push on.

I rode up Parleys Canyon to Park City, Utah last night to attend my 30-year high school reunion. I laughed with so many acquaintances and old friends. The only bad part of the evening was the music. Let’s face it — much of the music of the 1980s kinda sucked. For every Bruce Springsteen there was a Flock of Seagulls. It was as if Every Breath we took was counter-balanced by the silly idea that everything counts. At one point I just couldn’t take the sonic crap avalanche any more, and I approached the DJ with my IPod. I got him to play Patsy Cline’s cover of Willie Nelson’s “Crazy”. Dancing with a pretty girl while humming along to sad twangy music is good for the soul. Try it as soon as you can.

So, the hard part of The Ride begins this morning. I’m headed for southern Utah. I’ll be riding for about five hours. My goal is Calf Creek Falls. I’m looking forward to sleeping under the stars tonight. I doubt that I’ll be able to post anything until tomorrow night when I roll into Las Vegas, Nevada.

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4 Responses to The happiness of seeing old friends only slightly outweighs the pain of saying goodbye again

  1. I agree the 80’s music does suck. That’s when I started listening to country. I grew up listening to the late 50’s & early 60’s rock ‘n roll. That was the best…

    I like our high school reunions. No more clicks… just friend who finally grew to be good men & women… OK most of them did…

  2. This year is my 20th year reunion but I have not heard that were having any sort of fiesta. Maybe I was not invited. Heck I am still surprised I graduated. It sounds like your putting on some miles, travel safe.

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