A motorcyclist walks into a biker bar


“Well now Frankie and Johnny were sweethearts. They were true as a blue blue sky. He was a long-legged guitar picker with a wicked wanderin’ eye, but he was her man nearly all of the time.” ~ Johnny Cash

Frankie-n-Johnnie’s Tavern
est. 1946
Murray, Utah

Needing to burn a couple hours yesterday and wanting to get out of the midday heat, I used the AroundMe app on my phone to find a watering hole within a couple miles of my location. As soon I read the name of a nearby bar I started singing the Johnny Cash song, and that was as much of a sign as I need.

Rolling up to Frankie-n-Johnnie’s is not a confidence building exercise. The old building is painted creamy gray, and the surface of the paved once-upon-a-time parking lot is slowly dissolving back to sun-baked raw earth.

I almost didn’t go in, but then I thought, “No Turning Back” needs to be put to the test, and that’s how this motorcyclist ended up at a dive biker bar. Opening the front door, I was relieved / disappointed to be the only customer.

Observations of Frankie-n-Johnnie’s Tavern

The Flag covers one of the front windows.
Naked-lady mudflap silhouettes are propped up against the glass of the other window.
A custom Harley Davidson leans on its kickstand in the corner.
A glowing plastic Bud Light Spuds MacKenzie doll is proudly displayed at the center of the bar.
The barmaid is an aged-before-her-time, formerly beautiful woman whose sad eyes look through me as she quietly asks what I want to drink. She returns to fiddling with her cellphone after delivering a cold beer and demanding payment of $3.75. Apparently, I won’t be running a tab.
Fox News is on the TV, but the sound is muted. A pretty blonde reporter appears to be upset about something President Obama has done.
Elton John’s “Funeral for a Friend” plays quietly from hidden speakers.
A bright red NO DOGS ALLOWED sign hangs directly above the mirror I stare into as I sip my beer.
A surprisingly healthy bamboo plant grows from a tiny bowl at the karaoke DJ booth.
Three well used pool tables stand in the back.
What looks like some sort of studded black leather S and M restraining device hangs from a hat rack next to the men’s room door.

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5 Responses to A motorcyclist walks into a biker bar

  1. Thomas Brew says:

    excellent description. Feels like a day in bldg 25n

  2. Paul Betz Sr says:

    I could see everything you described in my mind. Great job.

  3. I was really happy to encounter this web-site. I desired to thank you for your time for this marvellous read!! I definitely enjoyed every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked and look for new stuff your site.

  4. J Mickelson says:

    Love that bar! Spent many many fun nights in that Murray Utah dive bar. And the funny part of the no dogs sign. Is most of the time, there was a sweet little black American pit bull terrier named Frankie sitting on a bar stool looking like a customer enjoying a few drinks

  5. Susan gourde says:

    Waiting for costumers can be sad and lonely…but if you think that I looked over the age of 58 well thank you so kindly sir cause that was my age at that time!

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