Review: Twin Dragon sports bar in Duvall, Washington

First the town: Duvall is a small, rural town. Emotionally, It FEELS a long way from Seattle, but it’s physically pretty close. The main street is actually called Main Street. It looks good; lots of small business, and it’s lively. There are several restaurants, and the nightlife seems much bigger than a town of its size should have.

As far as Sports Bars go, Twin Dragon had the necessary TVs and pool tables. They even have a duck hunting video game. Nice. The place was packed last night, and I had a difficult time getting drinks until I established a place at the bar. My whiskey was good, but the first pour was a little shy. So, things were off to a bad start, but it got better once the sport crowd dissipated and the friendlier folks showed up.

The crowd, mostly locals, was huge for a small, rural bar. It also seemed as if about half of them had stepped right out of a mid-80s time warp. There was lots of feathered hair on the women (like that), and lots of backwards ball caps on the guys (It looked good on them). We had a pretty good time imagining that we were anywhere but a few miles from Seattle. The nightlife of Gillette, Wyoming came to mind.

The band was good. They played a mix of danceable 80s, 90s and recent music. They didn’t play enough slow songs, but I think that’s because the crowd wanted to boogie. The locals that I talked to were very friendly; nice folks just getting their dance on. It felt a little like a high school dance with alcohol and cigarettes. How cool is that?

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