Hangin’ out in a small town bar

Kristi and I recently went on a longish motorcycle ride to LaConner, Washington. After walking around town and looking at all the tourist trap crap we found ourselves in a local bar. Some people might call it a dive, but we liked it a lot. There was something relaxing about the place. All the barmaids were old and too skinny. a couple of them even looked a little unhealthy in a “I’ve smoked cigarettes since I was four-years-old” kind of way. However, the food was good and the Mac-n-Jack’s African Amber was perfect. I had to order a second glass.

While we’re on the topic of drinking; what is it about those mountains-o-booze displays that you find in some bars? How can something look so wonderfully wrong and terribly right at the same time? It must have something to do with the way they light the bottles. They look all warm and sparkly.

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