I’m finally done standing in line, taking tests and handing cash to sad looking Drivers License Office staffers. I’m finally licensed to ride a motorcycle in Washington State.
I took the skills (driving) test yesterday morning. It was much more difficult than I expected it to be. The test is a little odd. It is much more about slow-speed parking lot skills than it is about real world riding skills. There are a lot of slow-speed control tests. My bike is pretty heavy (600+ lbs). It feels top-heavy when you get down to about five mph. So, I had to put my foot down two times to prevent myself from dropping the bike. Putting your foot on the ground is a big NO-NO in this test. Each of those foot drops cost me dearly on my over all score.
I passed, but taking the test shook me up a little. It showed me that I’m not as competent as I need to be at slow speeds. I need to practice and get much more comfortable and confident below 10 mph. That is a good take away.
Check out the unbeliveably difficult slow-speed test for the Rapid Intervention Motorcycle Course for the Malaysia Fire and Rescue Department.
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