Prying back the cover

It rained all day Saturday, so I spent several hours reading the Concours owner’s manual. Then I decided to go out to the garage and get to know the bike beyond simply riding it. I took the seat, side panels and saddle bags off so that I could find and check the tool kit, battery, fuse box, brake fluid reservoir. It’s always facinating to see how motorcycle engineers pack so much technology into such a small space.
However, before all that I went to the extraordinary pain in the ass of learning how and then putting the Concours up on its centerstand. This bike is famous for being difficult to get up onto its centerstand. It’s heavy (600+ lbs.), and the Kawasaki engineers didn’t do the centerstand thing very well. I wonder how many people have dropped their Concours while trying to get it up on the centerstand? I resorted to rocking the bike back and forth and then jamming down on the centerstand foot-lever while pulling up with all my strength. It was scary for a moment, but then the bike suddenly dropped back on its centerstand. I’m a little concerned about learning how to do it propperly. I’d like to use the centerstand more. The side kickstand allows the bike to lean more that I’m confortable with. I worry about it giving out and allowing the bike to tip over some day.
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