Written test – done

Why did I budget 30 minutes for taking the written motorcycle test?

There were 50 people ahead of me when I walked in, and things went so slow from there. The test is easy. It is taken on a computer, and it is over as soon as you get 20 correct or six incorrect answers. The computer provides instant feedback as each question is answered. I answered the first 19 questions correctly, and started feeling pretty confident. The 20th question was about the effects of alcohol. I joking answered that the first noticable effect of drinking is that other people seem more interesting. The big red WRONG message brought my cockiness back down to earth. So, I got serious again and finished up. After passing the test, I had to wait in two more lines before I was done. The whole thing took 2.5 hours. I now have 90 days to practice before my learners permit expires. I wish I’d read this tip sheet before I went in to take the test. It might have saved some time.

It is raining for the first time in more than a month. That sucks!

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