Ten things about the trailer that concern me

Ten things about the trailer that concern me
1. The owner’s manual
The service guys said, “Everything you need to know is contained in here.”, as he handed over the owner’s manual. I sucked in my breath when I saw it. It’s literally the size of a phone book. It’s just shy of 1,000 pages. I’ve attempted to look up information at least 10 times and come up with nothing every time. Each page is divided into three columns; English, Spanish and French. (Why French? I’ve NEVER met a French camper. I haven’t even met a French-Canadian camper.) The one column of type I can actually read is mostly about installation, not use and maintenance. So the owner’s manual is essentially useless. One other thing, there are at least 50 pages that have nothing on them excet this line of type… “The page was purposefully left blank.” WTF?!
2. Driving with 4000+ lbs. hooked on the back end
It’s difficult to get used to that feeling while you’re driving. I don’t know what is worse, having to nod and sheepishly smile as other drivers pass while going up hill or the creeping terror of going downhill and wondering, “Am I heating up my brakes? I think that is really bad.”
3. Touching the black-water hose
4. The conflicting attitudes of the two people we dealt with at the dealer
The sales guy was all rainbows and sunshine. The service guy was angry, and I swear to God that the one thing he said most often during our walk-through was, “Boy, they didn’t engineer that very well.”
5. Keeping my lug nuts at exactly 100 lbs. of pressure
6. Why does the fridge beep?
7. Sleeping with the heater turned on
Several people at the dealer (except the salesman) said, “Turn the heater off if everyone is going to sleep.” Dude! I bought a trailer so we could sleep with the heater on. We’d be in a tent otherwise.
8. Why does the gray water tank fill up so fast?
9. Unexpected on-ramps
10. Agressively friendly camp neighbors
Dude, there are two inches of trailer wall between us. Let’s keep it that way.
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